Uji-Kintoki Kohaku

Uji-Kintoki Kohaku

“Uji-Kintoki Kohaku” (“Kintoki” means sweetened beans) is made of Kohaku flavored with powdered green tea produced at Uji, in which softly cooked large adzuki beans from Hokkaido are filled.  We have found the best harmony of the sweetness of the adzuki beans and the fresh taste and bitterness of powdered green tea to make up the delicious sweet.  Would you please try the excellent combination of the three tastes and the texture of the adzuki beans?

The sweet received “the Award from the Grand Master of Chado (the tea ceremony) of the Urasenke”, at the 23rd National Confectionery Exposition.

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Handling store

Our products are sold at the shops in Kyoto Station Building and in and near Kyoto Station.
“MIYAKO”(1F) and “KYO-MEIKA TAKUMI”(B1F) at the
shopping mall “The CUBE” in Kyoto Station Building
"KYO-MEIKA, OHARA" at ASTY ROAD in Kyoto Station
"KYO-MEIKA" at the underground shopping mall "Porta" near
Kyoto Station
Our products are also sold at retail shops in Kyoto and other
cities and towns nationwide.