Hanakazura (with large adzuki beans)

Hanakazura (with large adzuki beans)

“Hanakazura (with large adzuki beans)” (“Hanakazura” literary means “flowered vine”) is the Kohaku sweet containing large adzuki beans representing the appearance of an old stone wall.  The brightness of Kohaku symbolizes the flowers of a vine on the stone wall.  The design has come from a scene glanced on a street in Kyoto.  The large adzuki beans produced in Hokkaido were cooked soft and sweetened, and tightly filled in Kohaku to be finished into an excellent sweet.

The sweet received “the Award from the Grand Master of Chado (the tea ceremony) of the Urasenke”, at the 23rd National Confectionery Exposition, and also received “the Gold Award” of Monde Selection in 2009.

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