“Yumekodachi” (literary means “dreamy trees”) is made by cutting Kohaku of delicate taste flavored with apple juice, grape juice or orange juice into thin triangle pieces and powdering the surface with sugar to lightly dry. The careful work refines the taste and appearance of the sweet. The quality of “Yumekodachi” has been proved by the fact that the sweet got the honor of being purchased by the Emperor. (The purchase by the Emperor is the greater honor than the presentation to the Emperor.)
The sweet received “the Award from the Minister of Welfare” at the 23rd National Confectionery Exposition in 1998.

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Our products are sold at the shops in Kyoto Station Building and in and near Kyoto Station.
“MIYAKO”(1F) and “KYO-MEIKA TAKUMI”(B1F) at the
shopping mall “The CUBE” in Kyoto Station Building
"KYO-MEIKA, OHARA" at ASTY ROAD in Kyoto Station
"KYO-MEIKA" at the underground shopping mall "Porta" near
Kyoto Station
Our products are also sold at retail shops in Kyoto and other
cities and towns nationwide.